Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Koal Saved the Show!

Last night, I had just walked in the door when I received an "EMERGENCY" text from Caroline's best friend. 

Back story. When Trav and I moved to the Flo Mo.. we happened to move about 1 mile from Caroline's best friend's child hood home. Her best friend is now the drill team instructor at the high school right by our house! She choreographed the entire musical that goes live tomorrow night! And it's one of my favs - Beauty and the Beast!!!! Caroline and I are going to the Saturday performance at 2 o'clock! 

So. I walk in the door and receive an "Emergency Beauty and the Beast request." I immediately thought I was needed!!!! I will put on my Belle costume and memorize some lines.... and I will definitely sing "Tale as old as time"!!!!

Unfortunately, Shelby did not need me. She needed Koal. More specifically, she needed Koal to have a duck toy that Gaston could kill on stage. Luckily, Koal had three options for her to choose from! I did have to inform her that the green head duck has stuffing coming out... but I'm sure a quick stitch could fix it. 

She picked out the best choice and now, that duck is going to be in the Beauty and the Beast. And that is how Koal saved the Beauty and the Beast show!!!

I'm a very proud dog mom. 

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