Monday, January 9, 2017

Hello 30s!!!

For four more days, my husband and I are in the same decade. Then, on Friday, he turns 30 and I am still in my twenties for a verrrry long time. ;)  Since we will be in Napa for Trav's actual birthday, we had a birthday party on Saturday! I was super excited because we have never thrown a party at our house! We've had some get togethers and stuff, but not a party!! 

I had a blast getting it all together. I browsed Pinterest and decided on a color scheme and menu items! I made an evite and sent it out! We had a fantastic evening and celebrated Trav all night long! Here's a little glimpse!

My biggest purchase was some fabric to make a photo background. I got the fabric from Hobby Lobby (used my 40% off coupon) along with a few other decorations and snagged a few other things from the Dollar Tree. We used command strip hooks to hang the fabric and it worked out beautifully. It was definitely my favorite part! Caroline and I decided on the "Hello 30's" phrase that we could use it again if we needed to!! :)

The menu for the part included "Dirty 30 Cupcakes", mac and cheese bites, bacon onion dip and chips, and the star of the show -- bacon bourbon popcorn!!! 

 Click here to find the recipes I used for each! Cupcakes, mac and cheese, the dip, and popcorn! Or they are on my Pinterest under my "Recipes Galore" page! 

I was so worried that no one would use the polaroid in addition to their phones to take pictures with the background... but they did.. and we have some fantastic pictures!! 

My goal was to make Trav feel special and I think we accomplished that goal!! I cannot wait to have a hot, 30 year old husband!!!


  1. Wish the old man a Happy Birthday from his Aunt Patti & Uncle James! You kids enjoy Napa Valley!