Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Napa: Far Niente

On Sunday, we woke up and headed out in our van to Far Niente. This might have been the one that everyone who had been to Napa before was looking forward to the most! We booked it literally 6 months in advance and you pretty much have to if you want to get in. 

This is the only one that had a gate that you had to buzz into. This morning, it was pretty foggy and chilly which allowed Dustin (our Uber driver... just kidding.. Ashley's husband who drove us around all weekend) to take this awesome pictures! 

We got to Far Niente and were welcomed with the cutest sign with all of our names! This 1800s house was so lovely as well and I could definitely live in it if it ever went up for sale (hint hint Trav). 

We got to see their caves and go on a great tour. The boys were most excited about seeing their classic car collection which definitely did not disappoint. 

And then came the wine! And holy moly this was my favorite wine of the trip! Their chardonnay is what they are known for and while our crowd was composed of mainly red drinkers, we all loved the chardonnay. I also loved that they poured a 2010 chardonnay and a 2014 chardonnay. Our lovely tour guide stated it was up to our palette which one we would like more and our group had a good time discussing which one "was drinking better." We also had our cheese plate to pair with each wine. I found out I am not a fan of soft cheese. No thank you. And then we got to the cabs. The one on the far right is the 2010 cab and I could have drank all $180 of the bottle. It was phenomenal. However, most people enjoyed the 2014 cab better. We drank their dessert wine, Dolce, and it was like someone was pouring straight sugar down my throat... but Naked Nick was a fan and bought a bottle of it! 

When we drove up I said I want a picture in front of that door... and I got it! Then we pulled over and all took pictures in the drive. We're relatively sure the lady walking two dogs was the owner and she took our group picture on burst and claimed she "is not really known for her pictures." Now, we have 78 pictures of the 8 of us in basically the same pose. :) 

After that, the boys went to golf and the girls set off on our own adventure!

We went back to Robert Sinskey and hung out with our new friend Connor. He now follows me on Instagram (hi Connor!!). We begged him to come along with us to the next place, but he said he had to stay and work. We made it to Schramsberg and drank some bubbles, and then Twomey! 

We ate dinner at Bottega and I got duck that was the best choice I could have made. 

We came back to our home and I ended up falling asleep in bed with Ashley while watching Law and Order. Sorry Dustin! :) And now, we're ready to plan the next trip!!! Where should we head to next?! 

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