Thursday, February 2, 2017

Family Game Night

Game night. It’s an intense word in our household. We love everything. We’re honestly an 80 year old couple deep down. But, we’re competitive 80 year olds, and we don’t like to lose.

Here are some of our favorites with links to the rules and links to where you can buy them!

Hand and Foot – We played hand and foot at Nannie and PawPaw’s until 10 o’clock last night. My 80 year old body is paying for it today, but we had a blast!! J Hand and foot is a card game that is played in teams! We typically do boys vs girls. You need at least four people, but we’ve played it with up to 8. The rules I found state that you need one more deck than people playing. However, last night we played with 6 decks!

Pic from My cup overflows

Tellustrations – We have been playing this game with my cousins for years!! And then, New Years for 2016, Trav’s cousin, Patricia, brought it over in a game form! That was our million dollar idea… and we let it go to waste!! This is just the telephone game but in drawing form!! It is the BEST. And hilarious. And great for all ages. The worse your artistic ability, the funnier it is!!

Skip Bo – One of my childhood favorites. It is a card game, but you need their special deck. Skip Bos are basically wild cards and the goal is to get rid of your hand.  You can play it with up to 6 players! 

Spike Ball – Y’all. We got this for Christmas from Patricia and Jim and it’s fantastic!! We played it in Nannie and Paw Paw’s backyard, in my dad’s backyard, and we will play it at the lake house for years to come!! Anyone can play it.. you don’t have to have athletic ability at all, right Caroline? It definitely takes a game to get used to it, but it’s so fun!!

Have fun! And may the best player/team win!!!

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