Friday, February 17, 2017

Lake House Inspiration

Today, like one hour, and I am headed back to the lake house! I cannot wait to see our room with the bed in it! When Shop Mama and Papa Glen got the lake house, Shop Mama decided on a southwestern theme. My main excitement came from getting to decorate with things a little outside of my normal taste. The lake house is perfect for a southwestern theme. And it all starts with the bed. These were the top options I came up with.

We ended up going with the option from So many of the options are beautiful, but based in deep, rich tones. I really liked how the overall feel of it was light and airy while staying within the theme. 

Next up was looking for inspiration for color schemes and decorations. Here were my top options that I found.

We decided on the colors of orange and a deep teal in addition to our gray. The teal brings in a little more of the bold colors, while the orange keeps it bright!

We are going to put 1 shutter on each of our wall by the bed. Originally, we thought we would look for some big piece of art to go on the wall on my side of the bed. We also considered the idea of making something similar to the wood creation below... but in our colors. When we found the feathers on Tuesday night, we decided to scrap that idea and let the feathers be it!

On the wall across from our bed will be a collage. This wall has the light switch on it, so I might even throw it back to my apartment days and mod podge some scrapbook paper to be a decoration! We have a dream catcher to go on this wall, and picked out some pieces at Hobby Lobby on Tuesday. However, woods and metals go on sale for 50% off on Monday. So, we will wait until then to buy them!

I also bought K cups, popcorn, and clementine halos to take with me today. We’re basically set. What else do you need in life? 

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