Wednesday, February 15, 2017

What I Love

My dear friend, Rachel, who I haven’t seen in way too long has been posting to twitter all week of things she loves. And I love it. So, I am going to copy her idea.

I love that my husband suggested to go shopping on Valentine’s day. His idea. To go together to look at things for our lake house room. Good news. We decided on a color scheme and bought our first purchase! It’s feathers. Because I love feathers and I love my duck dude.  More to come on what our room is going to look like!

I love when my sister sends pudgy pictures of my chunky monkey.  When my mom was getting her roof replaced, she heated up one of the workers food in her microwave… his friend said “hungry monkey” when she brought it back. Jude is definitely our hungry monkey…. And I love it SO much.

I love that my love of seafood is back. Last September we went to a wedding in Galveston, and I ate some shrimp and haven’t been the same since. The thought of it repulsed me. Before that fateful weekend, shrimp was in our diet about once every two weeks… or whenever it went on a good sale at Sprouts. Last night, I had shrimp for the first time since then…. And it was divine!!! It was SO good. I kept telling Travis this was the best shrimp I had ever had.

I love when my kids keep me cool. Yesterday I wore the sweater I wore in Napa….. the kids asked me if I was wearing “Yeezy, Season 3.” Aka Kanye. Kanye sells clothes and apparently that sweater looks similar to some of his designs. While I informed my students I don’t buy clothes from Kanye, I was grateful they think I’m cool enough to buy clothes from Kanye.

I love my friends. Monday night we got to support my Sal Pal in her very first playoff game as a 6A basketball coach. And yall. It was phenomenal!!! They were playing a big dog… a huge school that has a 60 million dollar high school football stadium that had to be torn down and rebuilt because of bad construction. Oops! J She was down one point at half time, and we were excited. It came down to 1:36 left and they were tied. At about 45 seconds, they were on a break away and one of her best players, number 24, missed a wide open lay up. It was heartbreaking. They had the ball and the clock was winding down.. 10.. 9.. 8.. 7.. 6.. 5……. At this moment, one of her players picked the girl’s pocket and stole the ball!!!!  And guess who was running down the court open again? Yup, 24. She passed her the ball, she took about two dribbles, and laid the ball in as the buzzer sounded!!!!! They won!!!! And we went crazy!!!!! I have told the story about 15 times since then and I swear it gets better every time. Man, I love those friends! The ones that get so excited with us, and, of course, my Sal Pal!!! On to the next round!!

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