Thursday, February 9, 2017

Summer Crisis

We are in full blown crisis mode. Summer. My favorite months of the year. My favorite holiday. My birthday. Lake days. Now we have a lake house.


I’m not sure what she was thinking. I only bought my swimsuits from her. Affordable, but durable. Large range of prints and patterns, but solid basics to pair with whatever. Support… solid support.

And now… nothing!! Gone.. without so much as a goodbye!! She didn’t consider my feelings at all. Just left me in the dust… to fend for my swimsuit self. So, my options are to wear the same swimsuits as last year (uh, no)… or find a new loyalty.

The other night I did some research with the google. Here are some options that I found.

Soma Swimsuits
I’ll be honest and say I had no idea Soma even made swimsuits. My first thought was I bet their swimsuits would have support! Their selection is no where near Victoria’s.. but they have some decent options. They were also running a 30% off sale while I was looking. I found a couple that I would buy for $45, but most pieces were closer to 80.  So, my immediate thought was, I could buy a top… to match one of the solid color bottoms I already have. Or I could just go to Target and buy a matching solid bottom.

Everything but Water
I went in an actual store one time when I was at a mall, and I believe it was my first year of teaching and I was blown away by the prices. Most are considered “designer” swimwear and might be a little more expensive. Most of the pieces are between $60-80… but I was able to find some basic two pieces for closer to 50. I do believe these would be excellent quality if you were to buy a swimsuit from here.

If you’re looking for retro or vintage bathing suits, then this website is for you! I will say they have a great variety of colors and designs. They also have a wide array of one pieces, if that’s what you’re looking for this summer! Prices for one pieces range between 90 and 120 while pieces of a bikini range between 40 and 60.

I could definitely see myself buying swimsuits from here. Without seeing their product in person, this looks like it might be the closest to a replacement to my girl Victoria.  I really like the majority of their patterns and the cuts don’t look too skanky! J Their prices are between $30 – 50 for each piece.. as long as their quality is reasonable, this looks like a great option!

Does anyone have any experience with any of these? Or am I missing out on your favorite online swimsuit store?! Please let me know!!

Let’s solve this summer crisis together!!! 

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