Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Eric Church

Eric. Church. 
I didn't know he was my favorite artist until last Friday night. When we were in "the pit" at his concert at American Airlines Center. I could smell his sweat, he gave his cup to the guy 3 guys in front of us, and I didn't want to leave!!!
There was no opening act. Just Eric Church. He played two, 90 minute sets!! 3 hours of Eric Church. I realized I knew more songs than I thought, and his enthusiasm carried me through the songs I didn't know. 
When he began the concert with an acoustic version of "Hallelujah", I knew it was gonna be a good night. 
We went with my Man BFF's best friend and his fiance and some old Carrollton friends. We had not seen them since Labor day.. so it was a blast getting to hang out with them at such a cool venue. 
Remember that one time we went to the Jonas Brothers concert and screamed our heads off even though we didn't know a lot? That was me. again. Jumping on all the Eric Church bandwagon. Joining the Church choir. Acting like I've loved him since 2008. Talking about him like we're best friends. He was just that good. 
At the end of the night, he grabbed an American flag scarf and wore it proudly through the last 2 songs and the encore. It was way past my bedtime (midnight)... but I could have stayed another 2 hours. 

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