Tuesday, February 21, 2017

House of Cards

This weekend was another work weekend at the Lake House… except this weekend, we had beds!! And I was so thankful due to the cards I was dealt this weekend.

The lumberjack card. We began Saturday with trying out our skills for little house on the prairie. Since Naked Nick was mowing his family’s land, I decided I would throw on Travis’ working gloves and join him in chopping down some felled trees. (How do you even say that correctly? I need to work on my lumberjack lingo) I put on my pretty, casual tennis shoes… which made me think.. I need some lake house tennis shoes.. and set off with Travis and Koal in hand. We made some cuts, did some engineering on how to get the tree down without it falling on the house while Shop and Sister Laura Pocket watched from the window, and then I got my work out in. While Travis cut the tree into smaller logs, I would pick them up, and chunk them down the 5 ft rock cliff to where the ranger was sitting. Travis told me to add in a squat and a shoulder press when I threw them, so I did! We loaded the logs up in the Ranger and then stacked them neatly down by the outdoor kitchen, but not too close to the outdoor kitchen in case varmints decided to make the logs their home. Here is our proud, finished product!

The hammock card.  For Travis’ birthday, Jimbo and P gave him an awesome hammock. So, for Valentine’s day, Travis gave me my own hammock so I could join him in his hammocking. After we finished our audition for life on the prairie,  we took advantage of the beautiful sunny and 70 degree weather. It was a beautiful day. We let Koal girl go fetch a stick in the lake, and she loved every second of it. Then, she rolled all around in the grass, which I managed to capture in my selfie picture in the hammock! What a precious little nugget.

The Walmart card. The girls then ventured out to town. One reason we all love the lake house because we can say things like “go to town.” We had a few things on our list. Gainesville actually has a great walmart, but we definitely figured something out… don’t go on pay day. It was jam packed and our cashier informed us that the Saturday after pay day is always very busy. Noted sir. We went to Home Depot and got ourselves a new kitchen facet. Then we rewarded ourselves with a treat from Sonic!

We ate dinner and watched the Legend of Tarzan which was fantastic. Shop, Travis, and I played some pool and then we went to bed. Cue the next card.

The stomach virus card. About 2 am I woke up with the thought “I’m going to puke.” I tried to push it to the side, but laid in bed wide awake and unable to do anything but lay on my back frozen. I ran to the bathroom 7 times between 3 and 10 am. This is definitely the reason I was so thankful to have a bed… because I literally did not leave it until 2 pm. My wonderful mother in law drove my car home, and I somehow made the hour drive home without losing it in Travis’ truck. We got home and I made it to the couch where I didn’t move until we went to bed.

The pass the stomach virus to your husband card. This is a first for us. We have never passed anything between us before. We made it almost two years, but oh my gosh did I feel terrible. Travis ran to the bathroom at 4 am and I tried to console him by saying maybe it was just the pizza he ate for dinner. He responded with, “I’m freezing….. and my back hurts.” And I could do nothing but say, “I am so sorry”.

The pass the stomach virus to your dog card. Travis is a mastermind. He somehow made it to his meeting in North Carolina. It wasn’t 10 minutes after he left, that I fed Koal breakfast and was looking for food because I was semi hungry after a day of eating 1 clementine. Then I heard the awful sound of Koal joining in on the fun. I’m really not sure if she got the virus or if she just didn’t want to be left out of the family sickness… 

After this, I quarantined our household. Luckily, I do believe it was just a 24 hour thing, though I still want nothing to eat but popsicles and soup and drink gingerale. Hopefully we are past that and don’t pass anything between us for the next 5 years.

Or better yet, maybe next we will draw the win the lottery card.

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