Tuesday, January 24, 2017


Y'all. It has happened. Shop Mama and Papa Hawg got a lake house!! Those closed last week and this weekend we were headed to the lake house!!!! With air mattresses and patio chairs all packed up, since furniture isn't being delivered until this week! It was kinda like one step up from glamping with my mom. 

We got there and got the grand tour. I am not gonna lie.. it's fantastic!! A large island in an open room with a matching massive room upstairs for activities. Shop picked the bedroom in the back under its own roof. Laura and Nick took the downstairs room with the bathroom and Trav and I took the upstairs room with the bathroom. The extra room downstairs will be a guest room and the extra room upstairs will be a "kids" room with bunk beds!! I love it because everyone ended up exactly where I thought they would! 

Here is our room! The head of our bed will actually go on the other window, not the one we have our air matresses set up on. There will definitely be future posts on the comforter we chose as well as the decorations that are going to go with it! It is so fun decorating another room with Travis! We are trying to go a little out of our element and take some risks with this one! So stay tuned!! The first night we ate taco soup and I took two benedryl and headed to my air mattress. I was so ready to get up and see what the place looked like in the morning light!!

The next morning, the boys were up at the crack of dawn and already raking. The picture I am about to show you is after 8 hours of them raking and burning all the leaves! 

How beautiful!! It looks like paradise just looking at it! While the boys tended to the outside the girls did things like discuss decorations, organize the kitchen, cut drawer liners, and play with Cambrie! Saturday was a perfect day. The wind wasn't blowing the sun was out but it was a brisk 60 degrees. We had a blast in our new spot. The dogs were having the time of their life, Cambrie sat in her chair, and Koal helped me drive the ranger up the hill. 

That night, we had s'mores..... before. dinner!!!! How awesome is that?! Lake house, no rules!!!! Growing up, whenever we road tripped with my bridesmaid Julie's family to baseball games it was always "road trip, no rules".... now I'm taking that theory and turning into lake house, no rules!!! It's going to serve a very important purpose for the next 50 years of our lives. 

By the time we went inside and ate dinner, everyone was wiped, including the dogs. We all headed to bed around 9:30 and no one stirred until 8:30 the next morning. It was the inaugural weekend at Moss... and it was the first of many memories.

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