Wednesday, January 4, 2017

A Year of Gluten Free

But wait, for the first time in 8 years, I am actually making a resolution!!! 

The year of 2017 I am going to eat completely gluten free!!!!!

I just feel better when I eat gluten free (gf). I did such a good job before the wedding, and I liked the way I feel. This past semester I have eaten terribly and I have to pop Nexium like it's candy. I have never had a major problem with reflux until 2016, but it's been a constant issue. I am hoping that gluten free will help my digestive system and insides get clean. That's my number one goal. 

So, no bread at all?
Gluten free has come so far. There are many options out there as far as different flours to make different breads. One big thing on my Christmas list was a large bag of gf flour. Bisquick now makes a gluten free version, and there are small packages called "Martha White"that have cornbread and biscuits. Monday night for our Bachelor watching party, my mom brought over these marvelous gluten free asiago cheese stuff bread bites? They were so good. I hope to do a post once I figure out which are my favorites from the ones I have tried. My plan is not to cut bread completely, but limit even the amount of gf bread. I'm thinking no more than twice a week, more like once a week. 

Is Trav ok with this?
While Trav is not hopping on the gluten free bandwagon, he is hopping on the healthy bandwagon. A lot of the dinners I cook are already gluten free, so I don't imagine it will be a drastic difference in dinner. 

What's the hardest part going to be?
Definitely eating on road trips, traveling, or fast food. Eating at home is easy and making my lunches for school is easy. Going to Napa in 10 days? Probably not going to be easy. But, I am committed to doing this and seeing how it affects my body. 

Obviously pinterest, but my mom got me these recipe books that I am going to pull from as well. 
200 Gluten Free Recipes - Hamlyn All Color

The Pampered Chef Favorites made Gluten Free

I'll post updates, trials, and celebrations along the way!! But, wish me luck!!

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