Thursday, June 2, 2016

Summer Reading


Summer reading, had me a blast..
summer reading.. happens so fast
I met a book, I couldn't put down!!
All these books, don't give me a frown!

If you know what song that was too, then you're my best friend. My summer consists of two types of reading. Professional and Fun. Here's what is on my list for this summer.


Mathematical Mindset. If you have never read Carole Dweck's Growth Mindset... it will change your life. Seriously, there's even a section about relationships. But, mathematical mindset is all about how to apply a growth mindset to a math classroom. In the world of math, we fight the stereotype of "I'm not good at math" all year long. I am so interested to hear Jo Boaler's reasoning on how we can combat that with a growth mindset. If you're a math teacher, you need to read this. 

Rethinking Grading. I attempted to read this book earlier in the year, but mainly ended up skimming through it. I want to re-read this book and highlight and dig into it! I am still obsessed with all of my standards based grading, and I am happy to know that the secondary principals are reading this book this summer! 


The Pemberley Chronicles. A woman after my own heart. She was so sad Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth were finished, that she wrote a book about their life after Pride and Prejudice!!! I cannot wait to get started on this one!! I can say with absolute certainty that my English accent will improve after reading this book! 

Continuing with my World War II fascination, my mom says Orphan Train is a must read. How many children were orphaned from concentration camps? I don't even want to know the number. 

What else should I add to my list? 

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