Monday, April 21, 2014

Monday-ing It Up

I did not quite make it to class on Friday, but it’s only because my [real] classes were outside hunting math filled Easter eggs all day! It was glorious and a beautiful day, and the blonde sister came to see me!

My school husband officially gave me a ring in front of all the kids…. And no one paid attention. But I wore my paperclip ring all day long.

We had a staff vs. staff basketball game after school which involved a gorgeous sign and my tutu. My team won and I was ready to start my weekend! 

It started with going to Hook, Line, and Sinker in Dallas and eating some wonderful fried shrimp. That’s right, I said fried. I got French fries too… might as well go all out! And I dipped everything in tons of tartar (pronounced tar-tar for my blonde) sauce and loved every second.

We especially loved the “I’m super cool, so look at me” guy who went the wrong way on the street in front of us, parked in the wrong parking lot, and walked over to the restaurant. However, the joke was definitely on him, because less than 3 minutes his precious car was towed out of that wrong parking lot and he took off sprinting after it.

Then Easter and eggs and family and pictures happened. It was all glorious and I wanted to stay another day and play.

But here I am! Monday-ing it up. And all I really want to do is keep reading Divergent, because it’s that good.

Come back tomorrow for a wonderful recipe that involves Snickers. So it has to be good. 


  1. I definitely ate & drank what I wanted this weekend, hey it was a holiday (at least that's how I convinced myself it was all ok).

  2. And today's Earth Day... which is basically another holiday. :)