Friday, April 11, 2014

Five on Friday {Rangers Game}

Linking up again today. Because it is Friday and I am very, very happy to see Friday this week. 

1. Push up Challenge Update.
Well. Push ups are challenging. So I've modified my challenge. I'm going to do this challenge for 2 months. The first month I am doing "girl push ups" and hopefully during May I can do real push ups. I can already tell I'm building up strength and I have not missed a day yet! 

2. Earrings came in! 
Last week during a particularly stressful day, I did some online shopping. I love my new Kendra Scotts. And Michael's flip flops are waiting at the front office of my building. I will pick them up today!!

3. Feeling loved 
I have felt super loved throughout this week. Tuesday night after two long track meets, I came home to an Under Armour bag on my door. Inside the bag? A bottle of wine from Duck Dude. Wednesday morning on my way to school I actually checked my mail. In my mail? A card from my red head with a picture she printed out and sent of the 3 of us. It's on my refrigerator. I love them for making my long week have some extra bright spots!

4. Dog sitting 
I am baby dog sitting for my mom tonight. She's going to meet my Uncle to ride horses, I get the little diva for a night. I can't claim all responsibility for her diva qualities, but the girl loves her coffee. I see some HGTV and DVR in our future for tonight. 


5. First Rangers game of the year!!!!
And tomorrow!! Duck Dude and I are headed to our first Rangers game of the year!!!! We will be with Naked Nick and Duck Dude's sister and I have not seen them since Shreveport! I am SO excited!!! 


  1. So sweet that you received those lovely surprises throughout the week - it's such an instant mood-lifter to know that people are thinking about you :)

    1. It really was! And exactly what I needed at that point in the week! :) Thanks for stopping by!