Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Games to Play During Staar

4 long hours of "actively monitoring" gets tiring. So I make up games in my head to keep myself entertained. Whatever could those games be? Here are some of my personal favs (technically they are all my personal ones since I made them all up, but you know what I mean!)

1. Heads Up 7 Up - Not the elementary school version where the cute boy touches your thumb and you really want to guess him, so you do, and it's not him, then everyone knows you wanted it to be him. And then when it IS the weird kid who had to "bite" your arm in a school play because he was the dragon, and everyone giggles, and your only option is to hang your head in shame. Not that game.

My version consists of slowly walking up and down the rows and seeing how many kids I can pass without them looking up at me! Once their head comes up, I start my count over again. Yesterday I only got to 7... I'm guessing I'll get further as the days go on and they get used to me creepily staring over their shoulders.

2. Telephone Pictionary - A cousin favorite still. Ours often end up like the example below. With "disco sticks" and "the dying cow" and "Bro in law officially becoming family but not really becoming a cousin".... yeah. Try drawing that. Buuut mine goes a little differently.
It's more like "telephone story writing." I read one sentence from a student's paper then walk to the next desk and read another sentence... making it all into one big story. I can't tell you specifics because that would be breaking my super important oath and I like my job... but in a middle school room, it creates a lot more interesting story than you would think!

3. Guess Who - I was a baller at this game. I always knew when to ask the right questions! Girl? Facial hair? Glasses? Would they be a stalker in real life? Richard. Would you want them to be your grandpa? Peter. Are they related to Cruella Deville? Susan, that's you!

But alas, it's not that game either. It's the game of Guess Who is Going to the Bathroom Next? And do I keep a running tally on my podium? Why yes, I do. Because I obviously love games and I'm slightly competitive. The only problem is, you cannot cheat when it's only you playing. 

Maybe I'll get better by day 3 of testing. See ya later social networks. I'm off to monitor.  

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