Thursday, April 24, 2014

Divergent vs HG

Oh yes. I am going there. I will begin by saying.. I love Hunger Games. I never thought I'd find a trilogy I loved more.... until I finished Divergent in 2 days. 

Main Character - Tris vs Katniss
Katniss - Hunger Games focuses on Katniss' external struggle to defend her life against 23 other individuals. Katniss knows who she is. She is District 12 through and through. She is a strong, dominant female lead at the expense of a "weaker" male lead. Let's be honest, we all knew she would win the Hunger Games; there couldn't be two more books without her!

Tris - Divergent focuses on Tris' internal struggle. Tris has no idea who she is. She is torn between several factions and being labeled divergent. She has no clue what is coming next once she joins the Dauntless. She's trying to find her self, her self within her new faction, and trying to discover what it means to be divergent. She is a strong, dominant female lead alongside of a male lead. 

Point Divergent.

Male Lead - Four vs Peeta
Peeta - Peeta is the (physically) weaker of the love story. While he is mentally stronger, Katniss spends a lot of time saving Peeta. 

Four - Four is a leader and he is in charge. He's also physically capable of holding his own while mentally only having four fears to conquer. 

Point Divergent. 

Government Overthrow
HG - If you've read Mockingjay, you know how everything turns out. In the spirit of not spoiling it for everyone who is waiting for the movie - I hated Mockingjay and thought Hunger Games was the best book out of the trilogy. 

Divergent - We see the beginning of the overthrow in the first book! That means there's still two more books/movies to go!! There's no waiting game, they're getting this revolution started! I, as a reader/watcher, appreciate it.

What do you think? Are you Divergent? or Are you from District 12?

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  1. This is hard. I love BOTH of them. I finished Divergent in 2 days as well & loved every single bit of it. I've yet to see the movie though #epicfail.