Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April Will Not Make Me a Fool

This post is no joke, as funny as it may seem. 

I have decided to jump back on the "I'm gonna work out and try and have a decent summer bod" train. That's right. It's rabbit food and sports bras for me this month of April. I feel like I've always been more of the go big, or go home mentality. So this month, I am going to attempt not one, but two challenges, simultaneously. 

Challenge #1: The Push Up Challenge. Post shoulder surgery self has never been great at push ups. I am going to get better at them. Real push ups, not girl push ups. This challenge starts off at 5. 5 push ups. I can do it. 

Challenge #2: Plank Challenge. About a week ago, I began doing five 30 sec planks every day. I can already feel myself getting stronger... I think. So I decided to throw this challenge in as well. Every day. In April. Easter and all. There are ones out there that get you up to 5 min... but I already shake after 10 sec. So I am going the 3 min route, because I think it's best suited for me. 

I saw this quote on a friends insta and loved it.. so I made it into my colors and am going to post it on my mirror. It's a good reminder. April will not make me a fool.

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