Tuesday, April 29, 2014

15,000 Excuses

Y'all. I earned my first 15,000 step badge yesterday on fitbit and I wasn't even trying. We started a project and I did a lot of walking during school, and then I worked out. Boom. 15,000 steps. 
And now, I am ready to quit while I am on top. :)

My feet seriously hurt today. I wore heels for an observation and just walked down to the coaches office to change into my flats. I couldn't do it. 

So today, I bring you excuses from my athletes. I'm going to attempt to use these on my workout partner and see if she accepts them!
  • I just randomly tripped over nothing and now my wrist hurts a little bit. Can I sit out?
  • I have acid reflux and I ate lunch 2 hours ago, but now that we're running and not playing volleyball, I feel like I am going to throw up.
  • The last time I ran bleachers I got a huge knot on my leg, and I now I have a phobia of all things metal. 
  • I forgot my tennis shoes and only have my cleats, so I can only do soccer practice and not conditioning.  (to be fair I actually did forget my sports bra the other day)
  • My ankle, that I broke in October, is all of a sudden flaring up. 
  • I don't have anything today. See also: all of my stuff is in my locker, but I don't want to work out so I'll just lose my points instead 
  • I can't even.... 
I am not actually going to write 15,000 excuses.. but believe me, I could. I guess I'm gonna go find some inspiring stuff on Pinterest. 


  1. LOL I think I used everyone of those excuses in HS to get out of P.E :(


    1. haha oh I am not judging at all. I could use my asthma to get out of all sorts of stuff! :)