Wednesday, May 25, 2016

What to Eat Wednesday: Steak Arugula Salad

Today, I am bringing you a recipe from one of my go to people. Back before Pinterest was a thing, I would go to her website and print recipes off! They are some of my favorites... and she does most things "skinny"! So, they're healthy! I am so glad she's jumped on the gluten free train.. in most of her recipes she will tell you how to make it gluten free, or they already are! I will share her with you, but you have to promise to keep coming back to me too.

This recipe is fantastic, because you don't even recognize it's a "salad." So there's a little lettuce involved... it's fine because there are so many other flavors, it is divine. You have steak, onion in balsamic vinegar, and pasta.... with some salad. 

I did not change her recipe at all. I followed it down to the exact minute on the steaks. Sidenote: this was my first time to cook a steak.... Duck Dude always does it, duh! But I followed her instructions and it was delicious! 

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