Friday, May 20, 2016

STEM in Denver

Y'all. This never happens in teaching. I get to go to Denver this summer for a STEM conference!!! How awesome?! My hotel reservations were just emailed to me and I feel so official and a tiny bit fancy. 

It's not until the end of July (which means baby Cambrie will be here!!!), but I am already so excited! I looked up the entire schedule already. We get there on Wednesday and get checked in. The first thing is a student panel on "the power of STEM education." How cool. Student voice is one thing I have been studying this year!! A student panel is right up that student voice alley. I am in love already.

Here's Thursday's schedule:

The keynote speaker is described as Australian - Canadian... the only thing I get from that is he better have an accent. If he's got an accent, I will listen to him a lot longer than an hour! :) If he's lucky... he will get to meet me and here my own accent. I've been told I'm good. 

So, if you need me July 27-29th... I'll be in Denver. 

Also, large side note. This is the last Friday with kids. Hallelujah. 

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