Thursday, May 5, 2016

Baby Cam's Shower

Who is a baby shower technically showering? I've sat here for 5 minutes trying to decide if the title should be "Laura's Baby Shower" or "Cam's Shower".... is it both? Technically they are one person right now... so Laura and Cam's Shower? All I know is I'm thankful they didn't ask me to write the list of gifts... uhh baby thing. I don't know what that's used for. Cute clothes. Snot sucker outer - ew gross. More clothes. What is that? 

Even though I am not a pro at the baby stuff.... I had a marvelous time at the shower! It was beautiful, my sister Laura looked beautiful, and baby Cambrie received more fantastic things than I know what to do with! 

There is one thing I know, the sign in the middle of that table is SO true. She is so loved, already.  

I made a dessert for the first time, and it was not a disaster! Pretty good for this not so dessert person. My mom did tell me I didn't crush the pretzels on the bottom enough, so i'll change that for next time!

My friend, Sal Pal, showed me the coolest thing ever when I was over at her house. It's a baby Keurig. No, it doesn't make coffee... it makes formula!! And she swears at 2 am it is the best thing in the world. So, Duck Dude and I chose to get that for Sister Laura and Naked Nick. I so hope it comes in handy!! 

My mom was there and gave Laura the cutest little burp cloth that said "Little Firecracker Cambrie." She definitely got a large amount of monogrammed items... which only proves we definitely live in Texas and everything is cuter when it says "Cambrie" on it!!! 

I loved the shower and I love my family. 55 days to go. (It's really 60... but Sister Laura is thinking she's gonna come early.. so 55 it is!) What momma wants, momma gets.. or at least that's how I am imagining it!!! :)

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