Friday, May 6, 2016

Aunt x2

That is right! TWO baby posts in a ROW... because my life is changing. Not only am I going to be an aunt to a for sure baby girl in July/end of June.... I am going to be an aunt AGAIN!!!! 

I've been keeping another secret!!! My red head is pregnant!!!!! 

So, back when the red head got engaged.. the blonde and I were a little excited. We photobombed their announcement because we just had to be involved. This pregnancy announcement is no different... but the red head is in North Carolina. Thanks to the interwebs... Caroline and I were still able to able to photobomb through facebook. Here's our original photobomb with the pregnancy one right after!!

I am DYING to know if she's having a girl or boy. If it's a GIRL it will be SO much fun!!! Two nieces?! I can buy them matching bibs, shoes, bows, etc!! If it's a BOY, I will have one of both!!! It's the best of both worlds!! A niece and a nephew!!! The red head will be in Texas from July 1 - 10 and she is going to do a gender reveal party then! It's sooooooo far away.. and I am going to be an impatient monster until then. 

Here's the biggest question: WHO is going to have the RED HEAD?!!?

Fun fact: Duck Dude's dad was a red head! Crazy, right? I asked Shop Mama for a picture, but to be fair, I only gave her 1 days notice.. she said, "We did not have digital in those days." So Laura could definitely have a recessive red head gene. Then she married Naked Nick...  he has some red in his hair..and definitely in his beard! See? 

Then, Hannah is obviously a red head.. most people don't even know her as Hannah, they know her as the red head. And my grandfather, D-Daddy, had red hair like Hannah! So, between the two babies... at least one of them has to have red hair, right?! Maybe both?! 

Bring on the babies... and bring on the red heads... because Aunt Mollie is here!!!!!!!

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