Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Unhealthy Fish

When Travis is out of town, I play the game.. what's the best meal I can make out of the food I have here at home. Anyone else play that game? 

Last week I was craving bad food. Unhealthy food. Frieddddd food. 

So, I took the healthiest option in the house.. fish.. and turned it as unhealthy as gluten free possible.

We typically have Swai fish in the freezer. Sometimes I'll buy tilapia if it's on sale, but Swai is a meatier fish that actually feeds us. If I cook tilapia, I have to cook four filets.. and most of the time that doesn't leave leftovers for myself and lunch the next day!! 

So, I took the fish and figured out what was the unhealthiest thing I had in the house. Answer? Sour cream. Yum. So I coated that fish with sour cream and threw some gluten free bread crumbs on top and baked the sucker. 

Wam bam. Thank you ma'am!! Have an excellent Wednesday night!!!

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