Wednesday, March 1, 2017

2 Months of GF

With the conclusion of February, I have made it two whole months eating gluten free!! I have enjoyed testing new recipes, learning to cook with gluten free flour, and gotten accustomed to asking questions at restaurants. 

Here are few of my favorite items so far!

We tested this out pretty early in January. I added a few more spices and it was fantastic!! I have already bought a second box for when I am craving chicken tenders!!

These chips are from World Market and are a mix between rice cakes and tortilla chips. This is one flavor I got and the other is "Chedd'r Feel Good." I brought one bag to lunch at school, and the consensus at the table was they were weird..... but good. Like, at first it was ehh... but everyone reached their hand back in for a second grab!

This almost didn't make the list.. but my friend at school saw these, thought of me, and brought me one!! How thoughtful!! Breakfast foods are definitely my downfall. I don't want to make eggs every morning, so typically I just eat a gluten free bar. This was excellent and reminded me of my child hood and "malt o meal." Yummm. 

These things. They are so necessary. They add that extra crunch when you need it. I have figured out they don't brown like normal breadcrumbs, but they still taste just as good. I put them on my fish the other night and it was the perfect addition. Thanks Sprouts! 

So far the only thing on my list of items I am not a fan of are: the savory KIND bars. I tried the honey mustard flavor and the sweet thai chili... both flavors that I typically love. But it was too much. Too much spice for a little bar... that I wasn't ready for or wanting. 

My guilty pleasure: Currently, whenever I am really needing something that taste like gluten.. I go to McDonald's and get a medium fry. So far, that has worked. I am about ready for a gluten free pizza from Mellow Mushroom though.. That will probably happen in March. 

New Stats: So far, I've lost about 7 pounds. My first two months were crazy busy, so that only includes about two times of working out. Yesterday, I wore a skirt that I have not worn for 2 years. And it felt really good. 

I am staying on this gluten free wagon. It's working. 

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