Monday, March 27, 2017

Spring Garden

Our backyard looks gorgeous right now. Our azealas are blooming and the blue jays and cardinals are everywhere!

We only needed one more addition. Our garden! Travis built me a beautiful garden for my birthday last year. We got to test out a couple items on THE last day you were supposed to plant for fall. We got 2 tomatoes and 2 peppers. Boo-yah. Gardeners.

However, this time we are hoping to have a bountiful yield of veggies and fruits! We decided to stick with the plan we did last year. We will grow some by seeds and then we bought some plants that were already started.

Travis is most excited by the strawberry plants! We got four of them! They like full sun, so we put them in the area that tends to get the most sun.

Next up are seeds. We planted corn seeds (which was basically just a corn kernel) because yum. Then there are broccoli seeds and romaine lettuce seeds. I had already begun some lettuce seeds inside, so we were able to plant a few sprouts that are about 2 inches high!

The herbs split our garden in the middle.  To the left of our herbs are carrots -- different colored carrots!! This time we added cilantro to our mint and basil.

Then, to the right of the herbs we are have our “salsa” section. First up are the seeds… green onions, banana peppers, and bell peppers. Then we have the plants that are already started. In the front is a yellow and a green bell pepper plant. In the back are jalapeno plants. In the front right are cherry tomato plants, and in the back right are tomatillo plants!

We will invite all of the people over for homemade salsa… hopefully in 60-90 days. 

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