Friday, March 10, 2017

Kurios: Cirque de Soleil

It was Wednesday around noon when Caroline texted me and said:
"I got tickets to Cirque de Soleil.. do you want to go?"
Me: "What time does it begin?"
C: "8 pm."
Me: "So, you're saying I won't be in bed by 9?"
C: "Yeah. It's up to you..." 

I wasn't sold. I thought about it for like 20 minutes... and decided we couldn't pass them up. So I sacrificed my bed time knowing that it's almost Spring break. 

And boy, was I glad we didn't pass it up. We got parking for $10 because they guy asked if we were with the Mavs and we said how did you know??

Well, it turns out it was Mavs season ticket holder night!!! And before Cirque de Soleil began, many of the Mavs walked across this bridge and into the first row of the audience!! Caroline and I were debating about standing in the beverage line and decided against it. Later we realized if we would have stayed in the line, we would have missed the Mavs!!!

Here's a picture of JJ and his little boy. At this point I leaned over to Caroline and said, "If Dirk is here... I'm gonna freak!" And sure enough, 3 Mavs later... Dirk walks out!!!!!! The night after he surpassed the 30,000 points mark!!!!! I have a video... but all you can hear is me obnoxiously screaming. At this point, I probably could have left and been happy. But I'm glad we didn't!!!

The show is remarkable!! The theme is curiosity, and it's wonderfully strange!! I wish I could bring all of my students and we could just look at the engineering behind everything!! It would be so interesting. It's here through March 26th, so you still have time to go!!! Here's the link to the tickets:

You won't be disappointed. Promise.

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