Thursday, March 23, 2017

Beauty Regimen

Welcome to the first ever beauty blog.

I would not say beauty is my number one thing. I’m a shop at CVS kind of girl… Ulta overwhelms me and I know what none of it means.

Luckily, I have a sister who teaches me and I am passing along some valuable information that she has taught me… since January. That’s right. My beauty regimen has changed drastically in 2017. Here are the top 5 things I would now recommend to everyone else.

No, not the pretty colors that I grade all my papers in. Make up highlighter. It goes above your blush line.. a little down your nose, and a little around your eye bone. Or that’s what I do. It adds a natural glow to your skin in pictures/real life and looks oh so pretty! Also found at CVS!

The trick? The amount. The first time I did it with Caroline, I was highly aggressive with the highlighter and looked as if I had an actual sun beam on my face. Since then, I’ve learned the ways, and now I can’t sparkle without it!! (Click here to buy)

Brow Filler
At Travis’ 30th birthday party, Caroline wanted to fill in my eyebrows. I was offended!! I have great eyebrows - a good thickness, a nice dark  color – why do I need a filler?? While she agreed, she said it just helps to make them look more even. So I said fine, and then…. I loved it!! She was all excited that this “Milani” brand came to CVS and I was like fine, I’ll buy some.

The trick? Start with too little. You can always fill in more. Especially when it comes to the middle part. It took me a couple times to figure out how far I would come with the filler. Here’s a before and after! (Click here to buy!)

I’m always looking for a better eyeliner. You see, I have hooded lids – where my lids touch where my liner goes. So, I have always had an issue with eyeliner rubbing off. I typically buy one and then switch to another one looking for one that works! This past time I grabbed this one – and it’s working!!! I love the way it goes on and allows for an extremely easy winged tip.

No trick involved! Thanks Loreal! (Click here to buy)

Ok. This product is not at CVS and is expensive… but I am finding that it works! I ordered myself the Rodan and Fields lash boost. I am on about week 10 of using it and they say to use it for 12 weeks before getting the desired result. However, at the wedding we were at during Spring break, something happened. When we took a picture, I could see my lashes in the picture!!! That hasn’t happened since I was wearing fake eyelashes for my wedding!!! I got so excited and texted my rep to tell her “it’s working!!!!” So, just in case you need any more encouragement to use it…. Use it!

Tom’s Deodorant
This last one is important. My family has a dear friend that is fighting an aggressive breast cancer. She’s created a facebook page where we can be updated. The other day she posted about one of her doctors talking about a possible correlation between deodorant and breast cancer. While it hasn’t been 100% proven, if I can do something to minimize my chances, I will.

Did you know most women’s deodorant has aluminum in it?? Go get your deodorant and look on the back. Aluminum. And then on the back of your deodorant it says “do not use on open skin” or something along the lines of that. Well, we’re women and we shave our armpits.. meaning that sometimes we have broken skin under our armpits. Then, if you’re using an aluminum deodorant, you’re putting that aluminum right by those lymphnodes… right by your breasts.

Cue Toms! I found Toms at Sprouts, but I believe Caroline found hers at a different grocery store. There is no aluminum in Toms and it smells so wonderful! It’s more like a gel, which is the only thing I’ve had to get used to!

And that’s how you do a beauty post!! 

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