Tuesday, March 7, 2017

731 Days of Marriage

731 days of marriage. Today is our two year anniversary!!!! I cannot believe we are already at this milestone!

We have created so many memories within this second year of marriage. It’s one thing that I love about my husband. When it comes to creating memories, he is all in.  It’s something we established early on, and I think it’s super special. It’s the same with celebrating the small things. My husband is the best at making me feel really good for “making it to spring break!!” Celebrating is fun, and within our two years of marriage we have celebrated. A. Lot!

We have continued to learn about each other. We’ve developed a schedule for cleaning that works for both of us! J I can tell without him saying anything how much he likes the dinner I cooked that night. I feel like I have a much better understanding of how Travis likes to be encouraged. I have learned to value our time together. Family has always been important to us, I believe it’s one of the first things that connected us, but with the addition of our niece and nephew, quality time has become one of the best things for our souls. I recently wrote a letter for a friend getting married this Saturday, and this was the number one item I pleaded with her to value.

The number one thing I remember from our marriage counseling was “respect each other.” I am so grateful to have a husband that respects me. He also respects my profession and continually encourages me. After two years of marriage, I can see why respect is an enormous factor. Without respect, love cannot be fostered.

Love. Our marriage is full of love. My husband loves me so well. He takes care of me, even if it means he gets the virus too. He takes my car to be washed, and he fills it up with gas. In the 2nd year of marriage he told me he loves me approximately 8,729 times… but that’s just an estimate. He encourages time with my friends and quality time with my sisters.

Overall in year 2, we have traveled, we have cultivated relationships, we have grown spiritually, and we have created memories. Now, bring on year 3!! 

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