Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Spring Break Recap

Here's my 30 second recap of Spring Break! It was lovely and I wouldn't mind having another 11 weeks like it! :) 

The first weekend began with sushi Jen's wedding! We traveled to Mansfield to a beautiful ranch venue to celebrate Brock and Jen! That also means I got to see my college roommates for a 340 Wagon Wheel reunion!! It was the best start!!

Hannah came into town with Jude, so Monday was a girl day with all of us!! It began with a breakfast of gluten free scones, sausage, and cheese grits. YUM. I put a picture of the scone recipe... we just substituted the bisquick with gluten free bisquick! Only a couple more months until hopefully they are back in Texas!!!

Then I got to celebrate my lil bit's birthday! She had to work and then we went to Rock 'N Brews, where I convinced some of our "second" parents to meet us and one of her oldest friends!! Look at this precious old school picture of us!! Cheers to her catching bigger fish than this in her 24th year!!

On Wednesday, I pruned my garden and got it ready for some summer veggies!! I also found a baby carrot that never made it to the top! Then I took Koal to a dog park in Dallas. I met some friends and we shared some delicious frozen drinks together... because at this place it's a dog park AND a bar. Brilliant, huh? 

Then my car got egged at Sister Laura's - little hoodlums, but it wouldn't ruin our weekend! We were headed to the lake to celebrate Laura's birthday! That's right.. two of my favorite humans were born a week apart (and a couple years)! Saturday night Shop Mama watched baby Cambrie and the "adult kids" went to Winstar!!! Even though we didn't win, we had a blast!!! 

And then we came home and watched the Baylor Bears dominate to make it in the Sweet Sixteen. And then, Spring break was over! 

It was the perfect week for me to catch up on sleep and rest and friends. 

This week I'm gonna share an easy fish recipe, my favorite beauty products (huh?), and an update on how my lent is going! Happy Spring!!!

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