Monday, April 3, 2017

Opening Day 2017!!!!

Y'all. This is the first year in a long time I am not taking a half day for Opening Day of the Texas Rangers!!!! To make it even worse, Caroline has been there since 8 am and that is not ok!!

Here's what Opening Day symbolizes. 

You can wear ice cream bowls on your head. 

It means my birthday is coming up and you can have all your favorite people in one place... having a blast all night.. and use your long extremities to take selfies. 

It means your sister can crop out your friend and put you on blast on facebook for going to the game with your "boyfriend." (I still don't think I've gotten her back for this!) 

It means be really careful about when you have serious conversations because your dad might choose that specific time to put you on TV... and then you look like you're an angry elf. 

It's a time for me to remind everyone that Rusty Greer is, in fact, in love with me... so much so that he gave me a signed shirt.... even after you tell him "he can put his hands wherever he wants"... it's not as bad as it sounds.... but it sounds bad.  (Stacey.. please don't show him this..)

It means you have a bajillion pictures that you don't even remember what was so funny or happening... mainly because you have to trust strangers to take them. 

It means you can get lost for an hour on a pedi-cab... climb light poles... people watch for days... avoid students... and watch fireworks!!!

And most importantly, it means we can cheer on those TEXAS RANGERS to a WORLD SERIES!!!!!!!!

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