Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Lake House Update

Y’all. We’re having a blast with the lake house. There’s always “projects” or “work” to be done… but it doesn’t feel like work when you’re there! It feels like an escape and you get to continue making it into our space.

We had a discussion at Easter about how awesome the beds were at the lake house… then we decided maybe we are just so tired every time, we sleep awesome no matter what!

Our room is almost complete, but I’m keeping my eye out for anything that needs to go in there. We finally hung our succulent, and I love the addition of the green to the collage. I went back and forth with ordering an air plant or not.. I eventually decided on an artificial plant due to turning the air up when we’re not at the lake house. I hear the air plants are pretty durable, but I don’t know about a Texas summer. 

Here is the downstairs so far! Shop Mama has done a phenomenal job decorating the lake house with shade of blue? I wasn’t sure if I should say turquoise? It’s beautiful, and one of my favorite things is the large island in the kitchen… we already stand around it all the time.

The upstairs is a work in progress! But the pool table, foosball table, and darts are all up there!

Here was mine and Shop’s latest project. We needed to take a bench that Glen made and change it from maroon to fit our décor in the living room. 

We began by  spray painting the entire thing turquoise... we, of course, had our helper Koal. Then we took a metallic bronze and lightly sprayed and patted some off. Shop just kept telling me, “you can’t mess it up!” The sun was facing the wrong way when the product was finished, so I took a picture of the back of it! We let it dry and it’s now in the living room!

Is is Saturday yet? I need to be there.  

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