Thursday, April 6, 2017

D-Daddy's List

Here's about how my week has gone. 
Kidding. Kind of. My one and only stapler broke and a colleague just gave me one of hers! That was a good day. Office supplies will always make me happy. Anyway, on Monday, when mom reminded me she was going camping this weekend... I said, "I am in!" My students are testing = easy day to miss. Then I said let me just double check with my husband... but I knew he would say go on! So, today, my car is loaded and sitting in the parking lot just waiting for my wheels to screech on out of here and head towards Meridian State Park! 
Just me and my mom... and her cousin Cary... who has a twin brother named Larry. Because my Great Aunt Alta is the best!!! Me, mom, and Cary. I am thrilled. 
Mom went to our go to. D-Daddy's list. My mom got her love of camping from her parents... who I call D-Mommy and D-Daddy. My D-Daddy was the coolest person in all of existence, and in some ways Travis reminds me of him. And that is a really good thing. Mom has some fantastic stories of camping while growing up, just like I do!! 
Here is D-Daddy's list. 
Some of my favorite things on this list are: 
I absolutely love that #4 is camera and film... because obviously!! 
#16 I hope mom is bringing her hand axe.. other wise our firewood is going to be made up of kindling. 
#22 - Maps!! This makes me smile. I can just imagine D-Daddy driving and D-mommy being the Siri... "Now Lowell, you're looking for road 2431."  
#34 - Toilet paper. This is definitely still on our list.. for those middle of the night.. nature is calling. 
#40 Binoculars - because wildlife. I can also imagine D-Daddy finding all sorts of interesting things for my mom to look at. "Look at the way this branch curves in this tree waaaaaay over there!" 
#50 Carpet Pieces - doesn't everyone have something to wipe their feet on when they go in and out of their tent? It saves major sweeping when having to tear it all down! Now we've upgraded to rugs, but they definitely serve the same purpose.
#56 Badminton Set - They have so many stories of people they met through this little badminton set, or converted ping pong table, or playing tennis. 
Here are mom's additions that are definitely a staple to her "camping tubs":
  • Gravity chair AND foldable rocking chair
  • Picture frames for a nightstand by your air mattress
  • Collapsable basket... so you can have a table centerpiece (we talked about this on the phone this morning.. I brought clementines.. and guess where they're going? The basket.)
Here are my additions to the list:
  • Grits. Because you cannot camp without grits. Cheese grits. 
  • Beef Jerky. Because if I'm getting lost (which never happens), I better have beef jerky in my pocket. 
  • Wine. Because what's a really good foil packet meal without some Malbec to wash it down? 
So if you try to reach me tonight, or tomorrow, or Saturday.... most likely I am reading my book, cooking something over the fire, or hiking around lake Meridian. And it's going to be glorious. Just my mom, me and Cary. Just like this.... but 26 years later. 

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