Wednesday, April 19, 2017


I have a new plan for my life. I’m gonna open up a Tex Mex restaurant. I threw the idea out on twitter last night after my meal hit. The. Spot. And I got one like and one reply of “I’ll invest”… so I’m pretty sure I’ll be successful.

What did I make?

Chicken Jalapeno Taquitos… or Flautas… I’m not sure which one it’s technically called. I also tried making an avocado ranch for the first time. And it did not disappoint. So basically, that’s what my restaurant will consist of… taquito flautas… and avocado ranch. I’m sure we’ll have some type of nachos. Those shrimp nachos I made that one time were also the bomb dot com. Oh and crock pot chicken with a can of salsa. It’s so good. I will now be taking applications…

Oh, and a name. I am open to suggestions.

Back to these flaquitos… I had leftover rotisserie chicken that I needed to use. I also had a pico that I hadn’t opened. So, I grabbed some cream cheese, avocados, and white corn tortillas at the store.

I had my sous chef (Travis) mix the cream cheese and chicken. (Hint: This is much easier when the cream cheese is at room temperature) Then I added pico, jalapenos, a dash of garlic powder and Mexican shredded cheese. I melted some butter and put butter all over the bottom of the pan. I rolled them semi tightly and put them folded side down.  I crammed them in there.. I figured it would help keep them closed.

Then I popped them in the oven at 425 for 15 minutes. During that time I had my sous chef mash some avocados, I took about 1/8 of the mashed avocado and mixed it with some ranch and avocado oil to make it a little less thick. With 5 minutes remaining, I opened the oven door, slathered a line of avocado ranch and then sprinkled some more cheese on top. I let it bake the remaining 5 minutes and then turned in on a high broil for 3 min!

I made guacamole with the remaining mashed avocados, had some leftover guac ranch, had regular salsa, and a chipotle salsa. YUM. Next up was just deciding how we were going to eat it! I smothered mine with more guacamole ranch... Trav piled some leftover stuffing on his. It was so good. 

I think next time I’d love to try this with some beef or brisket!! 

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