Wednesday, April 6, 2016

What to Eat Wednesday: Quinoa Stuffed Peppers

I've decided to begin a new Wednesday series. What to Eat Wednesdays. Why? Because it's hump day, essentially. Wednesday is typically a day that Duck Dude and I are home.. so it's always a night that I end up cooking! And that's the basic reason! 

Today, we are talking about peppers! For a long time, I thought bell peppers "weren't my favorite".. aka I didn't like them. However, I realized I just was not using them correctly. They are still not my favorite raw, but cooked! I love them! Now, there are a million recipes out there for stuffed peppers.. you can do Mexican, Italian... you can stuff them with whatever you want. Mexican peppers are typically our go to since we usually do a Mexican style meal at least once a week. But, I wanted to switch things up last time and I made these that ended up being so, so, so good!!

First up, choose whichever bell peppers you want, or whichever are cheapest! My personal favorite is probably orange.. but I cannot tell you why. Sometimes I like to do green and yellow because Baylor. You can also choose your quinoa. The pre-seasoned box makes for a quick start.. That's what I used for this recipe. This is the brand that's in our store and they have several flavors. They have a lemon flavor and a roasted red pepper and basil flavor that you could definitely use as well. Typically when we've made these we have used ground turkey, however this time, I used sausage. It added a great flavor to the peppers!

I always use red onion, but I added celery and a lot of spinach! Throw everything into one pan... stuff peppers and bake! It's so simple. I also think they make amazing leftovers. Duck Dude was out of town this week, and I ate them three days in a row for lunch, and was not even tired of them. Since the quinoa was already seasoned, I didn't add too much additional. A little pepper, a little garlic powder, and that was it! 

What's your favorite kind of stuffed pepper? I've wanted to try a type of lasagna stuffed pepper. That might be my next attempt! Have fun with this one!

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