Tuesday, April 26, 2016

New York 2016

Of course, I had to put 2016 in the title because this was my 5th trip to the city!!!! And, of course, I feel all bougie in the right kind of way saying it!!! I love New York City and I love to visit and then I love to come home to my house and sleep in my bed! 

It was a weekend trip that was full of fun! Here was our itinerary for Saturday:
Selfie in the cab.

Meet at Chelsea Market. This might be my new favorite, all time coolest thing I have done. I could have spent all day there. There's shops and restaurants and amazing art. I would 1000% recommend this to anyone! We ate at "the doughnuttery" and I told everyone how we make donuts out of biscuits back home... maybe that needs to be a recipe one time. I did not eat at "the oyster bar", or "the lobster place" or the "japanese inspired mexican" and I want to go back and do all of it. I kid you not there was a guy just diggin' into a lobster at 11 am. I seriously thought I was in a Harry Potter, which only made me love it so much more. You cannot ever write the numbers 9 and 10 like this and not expect me to be looking for a platform 9 3/4. 

Then, we walked straight out of the market and went up these stairs to the High Line. This is a newer feature of the city that renovated an elevated railroad into a park. Think Klyde Warren, but long and skinny. There are some fantastic views along the way, and even more interesting "art" performers. Ask Duck Dude about the hub cap performers... they were his, uh.... favorite?

From there, we went to brunch... which was at 1 pm... which Duck Dude and I let everyone know, that's lunch, or dunch... in between dinner and lunch. But we had the donuts so that was an excellent tide me over. Anyway it was called The Crooked Knife, and it was divine. This was a pre-planned brunch before we knew we would be there. It was a friend of a friend's birthday and they were gracious enough to let us join the party of 25! We made some fantastic new friends, only broke two glasses, and I ate all of the "green goddess" omelet. 

Next on the list was a "bier garten".. Apparently there are several of those located around the city so this one is known as the Standard bier garten because it is at the bottom of the Standard hotel. It was a gorgeous day and only 4,378 other people had the same idea as us. However, that did not stop Duck Dude and Duke from eventually making it on the ping pong table. Cheers to y'all. 

We checked that off our list and headed to a little quieter place. It was called The Park and we sat on this enclosed patio and took silly selfies.

A pizza place for dinner and pizza the next morning for, um, breakfast? We hit up the M&M store where my husband was happier than Koal girl with a tennis ball. He made a beautiful bag of M&Ms that might be on display for a while since we bought over 2 pounds. :) We came back to Texas fat and happy!!

The trip was fast, but it was glorious. We were so happy to see our Koal girl when we arrived home. 

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