Wednesday, April 27, 2016

What to Eat Wednesday: Kielbasa Hash

So, this original recipe comes from an article titled "Dinners that won't break the bank"... aka they are cheap. This is always fantastic... especially when the first time you make it, you text your gluten-free sisters and say, "You HAVE to make this!!!!" Because that is exactly what happened when I made this hash. It's also really pretty, like really... and I did not take one single picture. How selfish, of me.. I know. 

Here is where I found the original recipe. I, of course, changed it a little. I say choose whichever bell peppers your family is fond of! ... or pick green and yellow because it will look like Baylor colors.. that mayyyy have been what I did. 

Also, there's my family's secret ingredient to recipes. I tossed my potatoes in Tex Joy seasoning. It is just a really good seasoning that tastes excellent on errrry'thing! If you don't have Tex Joy, you can always season your potatoes with salt and pepper, or experiment with different flavors. I found it just added a little extra ummph to the meal. I served the hash as our entire meal, no sides or anything, but you could always change that as well. 

Overall, it was nice and easy, and my husband got to use the wok which is his favorite. thing. ever. "Mollie, watch my skills. I can do it without spilling anything." It's a hash.. add or subtract what you want! 

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