Friday, May 12, 2017


Mother's Day. A day where I can celebrate all my mom friends, second moms, and, of course, my two moms!! A couple years ago I posted about a book we gave her where all three girls filled in blanks about mom.. to this day it is one of my most popular blog posts, with over 3500 views

I got an idea at about 9:10 pm last night to ask my mom some questions for today's blog. I texted her, and then she facetimed me as we talked through the questions. Below are her responses.. her first responses. With my comments in pink. 

Name: Marili Carole (like a Christmas Carole.. but I was born in January)

Describe yourself in high school.
Just how I am now. I had a group of sweet friends. Lived for tennis.. I played varsity tennis. Loved my youth group at church. First graduating class from a merging of two segregated high schools in Beaumont, Texas.

Name your favorite cheer.
“Uh, tay gah.. wildcats mighty workin all nighty!” (If you've never seen my mom cheer.. you're missing out.. and this one is a good one!)

If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life what would it be?
Mexican food… or seafood. "Do you want to name a specific meal?" Nope. 

Why am I your favorite?
You made me a mother

What’s your favorite thing about having 3 girls?
(flips through a book) … It was three times harder.. but multiplied by three times the blessings… (finds it in the book).. “so three it was and three it is.. our energy is divided by three, but our joy is multiplied by three”

What’s your favorite thing about having 3 adult girls now?
Babying them (ask Caroline.. she’s been sick all week)

Give me one word to describe each of us.
“Oh Mollie.. this is something you need to give me a week to think about”
"Nope.. first thing that comes to mind." 
Mollie – Energy 
Hannah – Peaceful
Caroline – Delightful

Out of all the memories you and I have made.. name the first one that comes to mind.
Volleyball. I traveled anywhere and everywhere to watch you play. (not what I was necessarily expecting.. but it's a very true statement.. through high school, at Baylor, and even as a coach!!)

Out of the Olympics you’ve been to.. which one was your favorite and why?
Australia “good day mate”.. because it made no sense for me to go.. so shattered dreams and getting on a plane and trusting God like I never had to. I got on a plane and flew for a very long time where I could only lean on God and didn’t know a soul, but David Guinn.

What do you miss most about the good ‘ol days?
A calmer, less stressful life

One piece of advice for anyone reading.
Prayers have the power to save the next generation.. you can’t choose Christ for your kids, but you can pray that they choose Christ.

Favorite bible verse.
John 3:16

One bucket list item you still have.
Traveling with all my kids (girls and sons) somewhere.. Europe.. Austria..

On a scale of 1-10, how much am I your favorite?

And then in true mom form.. she sent me these texts before I went to bed. 

Happy Mother's Day to all of my favorite moms!! You are valued and extremely important!!!

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