Monday, May 15, 2017

Dirty Rice

A couple weeks ago, I bought frozen okra. Not totally sure with what I was gonna do with it... mainly because the only way I really know okra is fried. Fried okra. Yum. But that doesn't really work with gluten free. So, I've kept it in my freezer, waiting for an opportunity to use it. 

At some point I bought sausage. I had a few leftover frozen shrimp. And leftover tomatoes. I had rice in the pantry... so I googled "rice sausage okra" and all of these cajun recipes popped up! I took bits and pieces of different ones.. mainly including the ingredients I had and whipped up some dirty rice. I really like this recipe, because you can make it as "dirty" or cajun as you want.

Include all the additions you want.. I definitely would add some bell peppers next time. 

Then, I made some gluten free cornbread... in my "pi" plate. (ha math joke!) And the corn bread was. so. good. Thank goodness for Martha White and her gluten free pouches. They make me heart very very happy.

Travis ate his whole plate.. which is always a success! I would definitely make this home town feeling meal again. 

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