Monday, May 8, 2017

Paddle Boarding

In addition to the lake house, we recently became owners of two stand up paddle boards. Travis has a friend, Tyler Horwath, who started his own paddle board company! We were able to get a smoking deal and become owners. If you want to check them out, go here:

I venmo'd him a large sum of money.. which thankfully I checked before hand because I had a Tyler "Howarth" that would have been pleasantly surprised at receiving money from a random stranger. 

If you've never paddle boarded, you have to try it! Anyone can do it. It requires some balance, but these boards are great quality and I felt extremely stable the entire time. Our dock sets up the perfect way to begin paddle boarding. You can sit on the edge with the board underneath you, and then just stand up! I mean, come on, Koal can do it!!!! :) 

How precious is that? For the most part, she was pretty content to just sit there! Gosh, I love that dog!! Then we began trying to do some tricks. Because, tricks are fun. Caroline and Trav went together, and then they switched paddle boards out in the middle of the lake. My goal for the end of summer is to do a headstand on one of them. So why not try now when it's still May? I got pretty close.. and I only fell in up to my waist. I'm going to add more yoga poses to my goals of what I want to accomplish by the end of summer. I'm also going to get a really cool picture while doing a headstand! 

I was extremely happy we got the paddle boards out! The water is well on its way to being warm enough to get in! It definitely helped me get even. more. excited. that summer is 25 days away!! But who's counting... right?! :) Here's an outtake.

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