Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Musings of a Standardized Test Proctor

Today was the Algebra EOC, aka when the state decides if my students learned enough this year by giving them a one time, very long test. I decided to write down all of my thoughts... so all of you could experience proctoring the test with me. Aren't you excited?!

Blah, blah, blah... lots of directions. "You may begin.
  • Shout out to my view. It is so much better than my room last year. Except for the fact that a bird pooped on my window. Do you think I could put in a work order to clean it? 
  • Oh no... that is a very wrong answer.. very wrong. 
  • You go girl. Use those testing strategies!!! Eliminate those two answers! Yes. A 50/50 chance she gets it right!!
  • (we got a cup full of candy for teacher's appreciation week) Who invented Gobstoppers? I feel like Willy Wonka would be proud. 
  • A red headed wood pecker! We have those at the lake house! 
  • Oh come on... Use your reference chart!! 
  • I'm off on my "Guess who goes to the bathroom next" game. I don't have any points that I've awarded myself. 
  • What changes do I want to make to my room next year? More lamps? Where is blank wall space? 
  • I need to buy the instructional coaching book to read this summer. I think it will help me as department lead. 
"You have three hours remaining.
  • y=kx. (calculating in my head)... yup. That's the right answer! 2 for you Glen Coco.
  • Between school and the 6 oclock parent meeting, where do I want to go... hobby lobby? Marshalls? dinner? 
  • When does the window close for education foundation grants? What if I got rid of my student desks and only had flexible seating? What would that look like? 
  • That's an old picture of me and mom... I wonder if that dress still fits.. if it does, I should take it on vacay.
  • I wonder if I've walked two miles yet??
  • This test isn't bad... come on students. You can do it!!!
  • (not my student) .. oh dear. she literally wrote "eenie meenie miney mo" on her test. 
  • Next year, I don't think I'll be so stingy with the calculator in the beginning. They might as well get used to it. 
"You have two hours remaining."
  • 3 students have finished.... Tx says they make these tests to be completed in two hours. 3 of 22 have finished. (insert all of the eye roll emojis)
  • I haven't seen any squirrels today! 
  • Shoot. She's half way through and missed the last three problems... I'm she's not giving up... there we go! There's a right answer! 
  • I wonder if Cruson would meet me for dinner
  • I need to get Morgan's opinion on the parent communication feeler for next year (should I send it to only the booster club or everyone?)
  • Newsletter -- discuss learning log, swimming pool assignment, and port aransas meetings
"You have one hour remaining.
  • 3 left. 
  • Discuss finals for 8th grade at tomorrow's meeting. 
  • My soup is gonna be so good for lunch.
  • I need to text sister Laura about possibly laying out Saturday.
  • Pick up your calculator. Use your calculator. Use it. There we go.
  • I wonder if my swimsuits have shipped.
  • Discuss with Mickie SBL for 6th grade next year.
  • Finalize 8th grade team.. discuss reassessment with social studies. 
  • Print 6th grade things for tomorrow.
"You have 30 minutes remaining.
  • 2 left. Both mine. They've bubbled though... that's good. They're just double checking their answers. You've got it! Finish strong!
  • 1 left. This student failed last year's test. I am so proud of the way that she has worked diligently. I think she's gonna pass! 
  • And done! 
Within those 3 1/2 hours I walked 3.1 miles. All to do it again tomorrow for the Biology EOC.