Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Countdown to Summer!!

If you've been around here long enough, you know that I love me a good countdown. I've got an app on my phone with ever changing dates and events to look forward to!! There's only one item that counts up, and that is the day we got married. (802 days if you were wondering)

So, today is simple... but SO exciting! We're counting down to all things summer!!! I consider myself a professional summer-er. I am just really good at summer. 

16 days until summer!! And I'm not teaching summer school. And I get to do fun things like help with VBS, and tan, and hang out and do lunch with my sisters. 

23 days until Punta Cana!! Travis and I booked ourselves a vacation!! To Punta Cana! We're staying at a different resort, but I cannot wait!! I loved Punta Cana and the people there! Time to make new vacation friends!!

40 days until the Man BFF turns the dirty 30!! That's right.. he's gonna be thirty. I sent him this the other night.. he doesn't know it.. but it's gonna be his birthday present. He's going to hate every second.

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45 days until my niece turns ONE!! My little friend is going to be one! I can't believe it! And her themed party is going to be THE best ever. 

48 days until my favorite holiday!! I've got a tank top idea already planned and in the works. Add in my best friends, the lake, and fireworks and it's going to be the best yet!
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59 days until my birthday!! 29 and in my prime! Birthday plans are already in the works and I can't wait to celebrate! Bring on all the gluten free treats in the world!!! I'll just turn 26 again!! 

60 days until Lake house vacay!!! Bring on the food! Drinks! Day excursions! And all the yoga positions on the paddle boards! Vacay is going to be awesome! (And because Shirley asked her was the first headstand picture)

This summer cannot get here fast enough!! 

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