Thursday, October 1, 2015

Sugar Skull Pumpkin

I love fall! And I love decorations. I don't necessarily love Halloween decorations... I have enough cobwebs in my house.. I don't need to add some for Halloween. :) But I love little things here and there and I think a happy mix of fall and halloween is tasteful. 

I just got my shipment from crate and barrel in! I love still having gift cards!!! 
I got this fabulous table runner.

This marvelous twig pumpkin. It's beautiful. 

And dish towels. I have a small obsession with dishtowels. I have them for every holiday and they make me smile. 

It was a little weird for me when I fell in lust with a pin on pinterest that was Halloween-y. I neeeeeded it. Sugar Skull Pumpkins. Mexican art on a pumpkin. Not two things I would originally pair together... but I saw these and just knew I had to try. 

I went to Hobby Lobby and got myself a cream pumpkin... smaller in size.. and 40% off. I bought myself a brand new sharpie, and got ready to assess my art skills. If I was in an interview, art skills is not something I would list as a strength, so this part already made me nervous. However, I sat down and practiced one time on paper..... then went for it! 

My result? A semi-droopy eye owl pumpkin with many imperfections and it will be proudly displayed on my front porch. AND I LOVE HIM!!! He's a new Hedwig.... I shall call him Hedwig Jr.... since he's semi-Mexican... but still an owl. 

And that, was my productive Wednesday night!!!!

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