Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Duck Dude Here...

Duck dude here...reporting from Winnipeg Canada after my flight was delayed till the next day. "Mollie pocket, don't edit my post...if this is on your blog, then I know you didn't"

I've spent the last 9 days doing what I love most. Hunting!  Not just any hunting, but duck hunting. And not just any duck hunting, but duck hunting in Canada!  The spring home to a large percentage of the  49.5 million waterfowl counted for in the 2015 survey. I'm not writing today to share the great stories of my hunting escapade.  Although, my hunting groups and I shot nearly 250 birds over the course of the trip.

I'm writing today to share the top 10 things duck hunters would like to share with their wife about the sport of duck hunting that we love so much.

I'm going to start by saying I have the most amazing wife in the world that supports my habit and does not mind me spendings countless Weekends, long trips and lots of money to shoot a couple of ducks.  I love you Mollie Pocket.

10) we know that all of our camouflage does not match. And we are ok with that.

9) We support your shopping habits for shoes, purses and Kendra Scott.

8) Why do women always ask if you "caught" any ducks? We don't catch ducks...we shoot them right in the face.

7) We can have a great day while sitting in the rain and not catching any ducks and that doesn't make us crazy.

6) It is completely necessary for us to take a nap on the couch in our hunting gear as soon as we get home.

5) Sometimes we "Need" to go hunting and we will come home in a better mood than when we left.

4) Please don't plan ANYTHING September 1st when dove season opens, the second weekend in September when teal season opens, the first weekend in November when duck season opens, the opener of the second split or the last day of duck season and expect us to to be present. I said please!

3) We will always have a Labrador Retriever. It is a key necessity!

2) Practicing our duck calling in the house is very important. Practice makes perfect.

1) Yes, it takes that much gear.

Thank you to all of you women out their supporting your husbands in their duck hunting habits. It is one of our most favorite things in the world. We look forward to the next season as soon as the current season ends.

Although you think we are doing this each morning we are hunting....

We are actually doing this....

.....Taking in the beautiful picture our Creator painted for us. Appreciating each brush stroke of the morning sunrise over the water.  And most importantly being thankful for our buddies and our dog sitting right next to us waiting for the next few ducks to trickle into our decoy spread.

(Small side note and the only addition I, as Mollie, made. I was supposed to post this yesterday but sat in a meeting for my whole conference period. Duck Dude is home and I am super happy.)

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