Friday, October 30, 2015


As my time as a blogger is dwindling.. this is still a space for me to think and that's what I'm doing here today.

As October comes to a close, here are my thoughts. 
How awesome is it that an entire month is devoted to people wearing pink? And having "pink out" games? And referees wearing pink whistles? And wearing pink ribbons on our clothes, in our hair, and on our cars? And seeing thousands of posters with signatures of survivors?

There is no sarcasm or cynicism in my voice when I type that. I am so proud to say that my grandmother is a survivor and my aunt is a survivor and my brother in law's mother is on the road to being a survivor! The awareness that has been brought to breast cancer is phenomenal. 

And I guess, the word I am searching for is jealousy. I am jealous of all the awareness that breast cancer has, and I yearn for Alzheimer's awareness to be on that same level. I long for people to wear purple like they wear pink. I desire for nationwide fundraisers for a search for the cure... or anything to slow the disease down. 

I recently watched the movie Still Alice, with Julianne Moore that chronicles her diagnosis of Alzheimers. There was one quote that resonated within me:
"I mean it. I wouldn't feel so ashamed. When people have cancer they wear pink ribbons for you and go on long walks and raise money and you have to feel like some kind of social...... I can't remember the word."
I remember that ashamed feeling. I didn't want people to know my grandfather had a disease.. because maybe they wouldn't let my friend come over to play. I'm also sure my friends remember me making excuses in the beginning of why my grandfather couldn't change the channel on the tv because he forgot how to. Or when he was looking for his daytimer... that was always in his front pocket. Or when he wouldn't answer a question because he could not process what you were asking. If we can have a "save the ta-ta's" campaign... can't we have a "save the brain" campaign?

My conclusion is this. It begins with awareness. If people are aware, they will not choose to ignore this disease that is affecting over 5 million Americans today. I want awareness so one day I can see thousands of posters with signatures of survivors for Alzheimer's. 

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