Friday, October 16, 2015

Football Food

I really wanted to title it, "Football Food is the Only Food." I mean, if I had to pick a last meal... it might just be an entire football tailgate spread. It's making me hungry for lunch at 9:17 in the morning! 

So today, I've got TWO ideas for some football foods if you're hosting a party this weekend! I made these a couple weekends ago and they were both big hits. They're a little more "upscale", if that's even a thing for football food. By upscale, I mean they look pretty and they sound fancy... but they are really just another item I found myself snacking on the entire game. 

Spinach Artichoke Mushrooms.
The original recipe called for handmade spinach artichoke dip.... I bought a premade dip at the store. It made this recipe nice and easy. I popped off the stems from the mushrooms and filled them with the dip. I topped them with a little parmesean cheese and put them in the oven! The mushrooms cook down, so keep that in mind when buying them. The flavors of these mushrooms are divine! 

Shrimp Nachos.
My instagram caption was "What's better than nachos for a whole day of football? The answer is shrimp nachos." And man, is that an accurate statement. I did some research...... aka browsed pinterest... for some shrimp nachos recipes. I looked until I found the perfect one. 

I cooked the shrimp in a little oil and garlic, then threw them into a bowl to let them cool down. Then I tossed them in sour cream and green onions. Then I put them onto the chips and topped them with a LOT of pico.. because I love it.. and some more jalapenos. Because I like my nachos like I like my football teams...... HOT! 

The shrimp had a fantastic flavor. I do not remember where I saw the idea to toss them in sour cream... but it was the best idea I've seen in a while! 

If you don't try both of these, at least try one! They're both worth it and your guests will be impressed!

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