Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Post It Note Project

Where did I get the idea you ask? That would be pinterest! It is good for other things besides just planning my outfits! Ha …. But really.

I saw a mom who used post it notes to have her kids create a picture on the refrigerator for a “rainy day” activity. Pretty fun, I thought. I would want to do it, so my brain began turning. How could I incorporate this into my classroom? Well, post it notes are 3 X 3 inches and I could easily make 1 in graph paper….. 1 times 3 is 3… Scale Factor!!! (That may not make sense at all, but that’s how I got there!)

So I spent a Saturday trying it out myself… I was impressed already. I met with an instructional coach to help me create a rubric and she asked me why I wasn’t having them scale it down as well. Genius, I know. So by the end of this project, they had created 3 similar figures using scale factor! I could not have been more pleased with the outcome. This was one of those things were I felt bad for all my past students since they didn’t get to complete this project.

I hung them up in the hall and had everyone vote, faculty included! I’ve had more kids tell me “I wish I was in your class” in the last week than I have in my 3 years! Ha

Here are the top 3 student voted ones and then some of my favorites! J

Can you tell what the one on the left it?? The Dallas Skyline! This is my personal favorite!! The one on the right is a tad bit of overachievers, but it turned out superb and was a student favorite!

They had to use half or whole squares, so this was some of my boys creating their own American Flag!

These girls worked on the design of the mermaid for so very long. I love how it turned out! The corn is basically why I love my GT kids... they have the brains to design anything they want.... and they choose corn. Well played, kids, well played.

I think the snowman was the overall winner, staff and students included! Its hard to tell in that picture, but the girls brought their own post its with a small design on the back of the blue. I think he looks super cute. Then all the students, of course, loved SpongeBob!

The best part of this whole thing is that the students are proud of them! They want their work, they want people to see it, and they can explain the math behind it! I told you it was a cool project.

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