Thursday, December 1, 2011

Always, Sometimes, Never

I ran across this idea from a blog I was looking at a little a while ago. It is personal I always, I sometimes, I never statements. So this week, I spent my time thinking about these statements that would define me. Some are important and some are not so important. There's really no purpose other than that! :) What statements do you think would define you?

I always: 
- procrastinate
- feel like I’m too tall
- love being tall
- have at least 2 uncompleted projects
- try to be extra kind to restaurant people
- have a song stuck in my head

I sometimes:
- tell my students a ninja is going to appear and kick them
- wish I could be a hermit and never leave my apartment
- sit in my car just to finish a good song
- let my guard down
- forget to text/call people back
- make situations awkward on purpose
- forget not everyone can sing in tune

I never: 
- forget how blessed I am
- say shut up in my classroom
- go somewhere important without my hair being teased and high
- lower my standards
- want to be ungrateful
- will not be a Texas girl at heart

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