Sunday, December 4, 2011


I am a huge fan of Christmas time. 

No, seriously. I love it. I'm totally one of those people who 1. listens to Christmas music all year round and 2. Start listening constantly after Oct. 31st. Now I've had some talks with coworkers at school who don't like people who start Christmas early for the reason that they feel people just "skip" Thanksgiving. So just to clarify, I do not ever just skip over Thanksgiving. I love Thanksgiving.... but I just don't feel like celebrating Christmas in December is enough!!! So the Sunday after Thanksgiving I decided to go get everything to transform my small apartment into an acceptable Christmas atmosphere. Not a lot of people come to my apartment and I do not intend on having any big Christmas party.... the decorations are for me! I have loved this whole week of having zero lights on except for my Christmas lights! I turn them on in the morning while I'm getting ready for school and it just starts my day off right! I still have more to do and am waiting on Caroline to come home so we can do some projects, but for now I love my Christmas apartment!!!

I moved my chair to my room for this season.

Oh gosh. The box. At this point I was feeling anxious about trying to assemble the tree by myself.

A pre-lit, 7 1/2 foot tree! Go big or go home!! 

I went will all silver ornaments, bows, and beads! I love it!


Then I added lights up top in my kitchen!
Next transformation will be the kitchen table. I want red place-mats, garland, and the project with Caroline! Stay tuned for that entry!  

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  1. I love it!!! I was so excited when I got to decorate my first apartment too :)