Monday, June 6, 2011

Are YOU the next Math Idol?

I have completed my first year of teaching!! Yaaay!! My kids were fantastic this year and I cannot wait to have a new group next year! :) My principal came in during my last period of testing and gave me a knuckle pound and said, "What's up one year veteran?" I had a work day on Saturday, but I was able to leave by noon! So I am officially on summer break! Yaaay!!

Extra credit is a big deal to my 7th graders, so I decided at the beginning of the year that each six weeks I would give them one extra credit opportunity and that was it! I really like all the activities I chose and believe it was a well rounded depth and complexity assignment! I have to say that the 6th 6 weeks took the cake though! I wanted to give my students the opportunity to create a song like I did for the Justin Bieber Area Style. I also wanted to make sure that my students could hear the songs that their peers created, so I made it a requirement they had to perform them or create a video for the class. I offered 2 free quiz grades as hopefully a huge motivation. The results were awesome spectacular!!

A few examples:
     - To the tune of "Friday" by Rebecca Black:
                   "Fractions, Fractions... gotta reduce my fractions.
                    Lookin forward to my test grade, test grade!"

     - To the tune of "Rollin in the Deep" by Adele:
               "Circumference, It's so easy.
               you just multiplyyyy, pi and the diameter."

     - To the remix of "Whip My Hair and Teach me how to Dougie": 
                   "Teach me how to solve em,
                   Teach me, teach me how to solve em
                               Erbody acute
                               Er - Erbody obtuse
                               Erbody right,
                   You ain't messin with my angles."

     - To the tune of "Forget You" by CeLo:
                     "I know the formulas by heart and I'll tell you why,
                      It's cause I love math, oo, ooo, ooo.
                      How to find volume its not really hard,
                      Cause I love math
                      and Ms. Lindstrom too"

There were many more, but these are the only ones I can remember from memory! I cannot wait to do this again next year!!

Happy Summer to everyone!!!!!! :)

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