Saturday, June 25, 2011


Go to the above link and read the article.

I stumbled across it and ended up agreeing with every single point the author made. It was a nice refresher to remind me of where/what my priorities are right now. On a rare occasion I find myself thinking I'm behind in my life and I should already be married and making that "next step to grown-up life," but then I realize (with reminders like these) that I am still so young (and the fact that I do not want to have a boy roommate! Gross!). I still have 2 more years before I even reach the "25" mark!

I feel blessed to say that I've already found the job I love and will consider myself "lucky" to have it, especially with the way education looks right now.

And to me #s 7 and 8 really go together. I think if you are really and truly "part of a church" then the "spiritual disciplines" will come with that. I am looking forward to moving in July and really finding my new church! Now being a minister's daughter, I'm going to be a little picky; I have certain things that I'm looking for! However, I have confidence that God will lead me to the right place and I can't wait to start serving him.

Then I really enjoyed the last one, "Don't get stuck." Simple, yet it can mean so many things. I'll let you interpret it how you want! :)

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